Thursday, July 27, 2006

The body strikes back

I've been dreaming of having some time off. Relaxation is so rare. We're working on a trip to California in the fall. I'm hoping for some girly day trips with the bad girl posse before then. Today, I find myself unexpectedly at home. In pain. For days, my lower back and hip have hurt. I tried a muscle relaxer and Aleve with minimal relief. Yesterday, I called to make an appointment for tomorrow morning. Last night, I was up from 3 to 7 am unable to sleep. There is pain radiating from the small of my back that wraps around my hip to my groin. My leg feels tender and inflamed. Even my foot hurts. While I was up, I was finally able to catch up on the last three episodes of the ER season. (Wow. that season finale really packed in the drama, huh?) I'm wiped out today. I feel best laying on my stomach. Not much I can really do from that vantage point. Hopefully, the doctor's office can squeeze me in this afternoon. The hypochondriac in me is raging full force. WebMD hints at Sciatica? Rheumatoid Arthritis? This isn't a new pain for me. When I thought about it this week, I can remember having flare ups like this on a monthly basis for the past five years. Once you have a pain, it's easy to accept it and carry it with you. Sweets is a few years younger than I am. He's almost always feeling good. I feel like an old lady with a trick hip, a blood clotting disorder and more. This week I realized I'm tired of being in pain. So, after three days of putting it off I called the doctor. And now my body is telling me, I've probably put myself off for too long.


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