Friday, June 30, 2006

Do you haiku?

I haven't been talking much about poetry since April which was National Poetry Month. High time to correct that. After a smattering of interest in another round of the Sort-of-Seasonal Haiku Free-for-All, I've decided to host yet another seasonally appropriate haiku event. In honor of Independence Day, I suggest the theme Freedom. Interpret that however you see fit. To keep things simple we'll using the most common haiku rules. A haiku is Seventeen syllables written in three lines divided into 5-7-5. Punctuation is not necessary. Haikus are ridiculously easy to write and more addictive than soduku once you get started. Multiple entries welcome. Feel free to invite others to participate. Email me your submissions at metaphoricalmagpie(at)yahoo(dot)com or in the comments by Thurs. July 6. I'll collect and post them on Fri. July 7. There may even be a PRIZE for participants. Keeping the 5-7-5 alive, Your haiku hostess


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