Friday, May 19, 2006

Seek and enjoy

I must admit to being addicted to my Webstat report. It tells me how many people stop by for a read, what countries they live in and what they were searching for. Since January 1st, there have been 270 search results. Today there was a awesome one. Some of the best keywords, in my opinion so far are as follows: 6. erotomania hypochondria 22. Stoli Greyhounds 30. \"asiatrash\" 36. sandra oh\'s nose job 41. rumson country day school rummage sale 52. journey to the magic - metaphorical 59. \"most romantic thing said to me\" 75. natalie portman pantyhose 83. rude gynecologist office 108. dirty bong water shot 112. \"to wear one earring\" 125. cupcake franchise 136. felicity huppert 140. rachel popping balloons 154. the poem about the person who instant messaged someone about thei... 168. picture of reese witherspoon in hospital with a patient 171. terri hatcher in pantyhose 179. terri hatcher / sheer dress 180. blue shift freedom typewriter key 186. gifts for tonsillectomy patients 201. \"vote for\'\' slogans 226. \"appreciating small things\" 231. flickr photos hot couples Many of these have made me giggle. And you wouldn't believe you many times people look for photos of celebrities in sheer dresses or pantyhose. Er, creepy yuck. My favorite by far is 47. jack black butt cheeks. Obviously, there is one other person in the universe that appreciates that fine, foxy dude Jack Black as much as I do. These links are for you my friend. I'll see you in the theater opening night for Nacho Libre. You can save any of the photos there as your desktop. Get some sneak peeks in the Confessional or download the podcast from the Apple Music Store. Pay special attention to the following episodes: Waxed Jack, The Package and Got Wrastlin' To Do. Oh hell, just watch them all.


Anonymous Estee said...

I'm crazy about Jack Black and I love his acting. I can't wait for the Nacho Libre movie either. Some people don't understand what I like about him but I believe he's a really good actor.

5/27/2006 03:59:00 PM  

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