Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sticky situations

I was all set to put up a morose post all about the multitude of things that have brought me to tears in the past week. There's at least five. Luckily for you, I got an inspiring newsletter from Threadless that distracted me. They are partnering with Blik in a design contest. (Must bug Sweets to enter!) I've seen Blik products in Budget Living and Martha Stewart Kids in the past. When I took the time to check out their site; I was way impressed. They make these awesome wall graphics that are removable. For $25 - $50 you can really pep up a room fast. Perfect for renters or those of us that have decorating A.D.D. Pictured above are: Top row left: Sweet 16. $40 for 16 multi-colored dots. Top row center: Bring me the Heads of hipsters in four packs in shades of gold and cocoa. $26. Top row right: Indulge your inner Austin Powers with a 10 pack of Paisley in shades of raspberry or mint. $45. Bottom row left: Don't Count on just using these numbers in the kid's room. Pack of 20 numbers for $45. Bottom row center: These darling Birds are only 1" wide and stick to glassware. Super duper bargain at $4.50 for 20 birds. Bottom row right: Express yourself with custom Prose. Here's a lil secret. Enter "THREADLESS" when you checkout online and get 15% off until June 1st. Another great, more permanent option for your walls can be had at Graham & Brown. The home and garden editor at the paper showed me a sample of their Transform window film recently. I am coveting the Charles Rennie Mackintosh design. They also have a Mondrian design and lots of frosted glass options for about $25 a roll. I quickly got sucked into their wallpapers. Now I'm trying to find a wall in the house to paper. It's hard to choose from all the lovely options. All are $30 a roll. Pictured here: Top row left: You can almost smell the heady bouquet of Flowering Rose designed by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway. Top row center: Axium reminds me of dandelions. Top row right: Escape into a private grove of trees with Solitude. Bottom row left: This flock of Butterflies makes my heart flutter. Designed by Kate Larsen. Bottom row center: Pink Donkey also by Kate Larsen would be perfect in a powder room. Bottom row right: My black and white tiled bathroom wouldn't know what hit it if Flower Power moved in. Make your walls happy and stick something to them soon.


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