Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wanderlust or bust

Sometimes a girl gets so overwhelmed with working, working, working that she begins to yearn for a mini-break holiday as Bridget Jones would say. I've got no major vacations planned for this year and it's almost half over! We have looked into Austin City Limits or the Toronto Film Festival in September. I'm always up for a trip to the west coast, too. A few of my friends have had some amazing travels lately. I thought we could live vicariously through them for a moment. Seth is a photo editor that I work with at the paper. His girlfriend has been working in Taiwan for months. He got to go join her for a long visit last month. They have a cool website to prove it. The SPC crowd will love Seth and Pam's self portraits in the scrapbook section. I was going crazy over the bird market. The fish auction is all fancy schmancy with audio. Check out the fun they had. You're guaranteed to feel like you just had a mini-vacation. Ready for a trip to Japan? The photographer formally known as Dope, who now wishes to be known by his formal name, Brent Hirak, lived and worked in Japan for several years before enrolling in the graduate program at ASU. He's working furiously on finishing his last project Fallout, an exploration of his family. The series, Winter Passage, documents his latest trip back to Japan in January 2006. There are many more provacative images from Japan in his weekly Swellmilk series. Plus many self portraits for the SPC'ers to be inspired by. Perhaps Asia isn't your cup of tea? Another travelling couple, photographer, Michael Simon, and writer, Megan Lyles, have been travelling South America by bus for close to a year now and blogging about it almost daily. You can start reading from Day One on Megan's blog or catch up with the latest post. Or just go for the visuals on Michael's. I enjoy checking in on their progress periodically. Last time I checked, they were eating guinea pigs in Peru. Yikes.


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