Saturday, June 03, 2006

Boo boos and bling bonk

It's been raining like a mofo here on and off all week. Makes perfect sense to leave my umbrella in the car. When I left the office tonight it was coming down in sheets. I decided to make a mad dash for the parking garage. Next thing I knew I was flying through the air. Quickly making hard contact with the pavement and a puddle. My lunch container flew from my hand and landed about ten feet away. My purse next to me and laptop bag behind me. Both my knees were bashed up and bleeding. My left hand was all scraped up. That's bad enough but it gets worse. A big chunk of sequins are missing from the toe of one of my sparkly shoes. It gets worse. The first thing I checked before I even got up from the ground was my engagement ring. It was there. When I was driving home I realized it felt sharp. Stopped at a light, I realized a prong was missing. After further inspection I found it's actually rammed over into another prong. There are also some scratches on the band where it hit the cement. Platinum is evidently not impervious to pavement. Crappers. I feel like a complete dolt. The good news is that the diamond is intact. I'm so glad we took my sister's advice about six prongs. Falling down majestically at the office is one of my specialties. Last fall, I fell down a few stairs and launched myself into the business department, landing at the feet of an editor there. There's a scar on the knuckle of my middle finger from that one. This fall added a scrape on my left knee next to a scar that I've had since I fell off the step of Grams' shed when I was little. Did I mention I've fallen down the stairs at every school I've ever attended? At home, too. We're going to add a stop at the jewelers to our errands tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that they say "oh, don't worry, honey, this kind of thing happens to girls all the time. We'll fix you up straight away." I wish. I wish. I wish.


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