Thursday, June 15, 2006

Monkey business

Who doesn't love super good surprise mail? Or monkeys? Who dares to say they don't care for monkeys? The masterminds over at have this cool Monk-e-mail that is totally hilarious. You can dress a chimp up with various hairdos, outfits and accessories. Then you tell them what to say to your friends. I received one as a birhday greeting last night from my fabulous pal Benjamin who hails from Arkansas but is spreading Southern hospitality all across Thailand these days. Go play with a monkey. Send a message to all your friends. Or just send one to me at Yesterday, birthday fun was had. J-Po presented me with a birthday girl tiara, rings and necklaces that might be for little girls normally. But that didn't stop us from sashaying all over proudly wearing the birthday bling. Our waiter at lunch didn't even bat an eye. Hmmm, I must try to work a tiara into my ensemble more often. We noshed. We dished. She gave me the cutest presents - a cherry pattern apron, tea towels and potholder with happy bluebirds and a sweater with embroidered birds. Plus a goodie bag. She spoiled me rotten. Our fun came to an end when she had to go to work. So I went off on my own. Had my ring fixed. The prong is back in place but the setting still has a scuff on it. In a way, I think that's best. I was so worried I was going to mess up my ring, I was constantly taking it on and off to do chores. Now that I've royally dinged it, I feel like it's really mine. Dinged a little but still shiny and happy. Then I spent some quality time browsing around Joann's Fabrics. I REALLY need to learn how to sew. That place is so inspiring. I got a few things for my swap partner in the brown and blue themed July Coloriffic Swap-o-rama and some supplies for me. A whole fistful of beads to play with. I also got some stencil brushes on clearance. I want to try those freezer paper stencils I've been drooling over on Little Birds and other blogs of craft.


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