Monday, June 12, 2006

The final stretch

I"m so worn out after this weekend, I want to go back to work to have a rest. On Saturday, I got up early in case the furniture was delivered or the Lenny, our contractor came by to finish installing the handrail upstairs. At 10:30 am I called Lenny. At 11:30 am I left Sweets at the house and went to the post office, bank, caterer and shopping for party plates. At 1 pm the manager of Habitat Humanity called to tell me they never deliver to where we live so they weren't coming. I damn near had a stroke right there in the dollar store. So I raced around trying to find a rental truck. It seems I found the most expensive place to do it. They charged $1.39 per mile plus the rental fee and insurance. We went 55 miles. Yikes. I went and rented the truck myself and then quickly after getting out of the road I realized I couldn't really see out the passenger window and the rear view on my side wouldn't adjust. A quick stop back at the house to hurry Lenny to finish up so Shawn could come with me and we were off. We had measured the couch at the store and the place we wanted to put it in the room upstairs. How we were going to get it up there hadn't come up. Luckily, as we pulled it out of the truck two of our lady neighbors were outside. They quickly came to our aid. Karen, our next door neighbor used to own a B&B so she has lots of experience getting big things into little spaces. With her guidance we managed to guide this monster into the t shaped hallway and up the stairs. After that, the six foot buffet was a piece of cake. To keep the momentum of finishing upstairs, we drove up to Ikea. Sitting in the restaurant, I could have taken a nap in my Swedish meatballs I was so worn out. But we pressed on for important shopping. I needed a desk. Sweets already has the Bjorkudden table so we decided to get a second one for me. We both need a chair and agreed we liked the Patrick swivel chair best but they were out of stock. Right now we're improvising with a cast off dining chair that was lurking in the basement. The Oppli tv stand caught our eye so we nabbed one. We also picked up a sweet little Lykta table lamp. We headed towards the checkout triumphant and then had to wait close to an hour to get out of there. Did I mention Ikea is having it's summer sale? UNfortunately nothing we bought was on sale. Grr.


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