Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Birthday girl lounging

My birthday has arrived with far less fanfare than I usually put into it. We've been so into fixing up the house and having an engagement party. My birthday has fallen by the wayside. I told my family we can just lump it into the party on Sunday. Sweets gave me a darling card this morning and has two gifts that he is making me with his own little hands that aren't quite done because of all that we've been doing around here. The first item is a complete new redesign for the Metaphorical Magpie. I can't wait to show it off. Hopefully one day soo you'll stop by and see it looking all spiffy and new. The other present is really special, too. I collect handblown glass balls that I pick up along my travels. They used to be displayed in a kitchen window. When I redesigned the kitchen in 2004, I opted for a light fixture over the work station instead of the balls. So they've been boxed up. Sweets is building a box that matches the cabinets in our studio. The box will mount on the ceiling over the cabinet closest to the stairwell. The balls will hang right in the area you see as you look into the room from the landing. Another thing I can really look forward to enjoying for a very long time. We'll have the luxury of dinner together this evening. Working nights makes that a very rare occurrence. The phone started ringing early with birthday wishes this morning. ME woke me up to sing "Happy Birthday Ray-Ray" on his way to work. Then my sister and mom. There were ecards and emails. J-Po and I are heading out to a girly lunch in a little bit. We ran out of coffee yesterday. So I'm looking forward to a fancier than usual cuppa and a snack. A day goes by so fast! I need to get my engagement ring fixed today. The plan to do it on Saturday was dashed when I had to unexpectedly rent a truck to pick up the furniture. I hope to have some time to wander around a nursery looking for some annuals for the planters around the deck. Maybe browsing for some new beads and craft supplies. I'm just happy to have a day that I don't have to work or do anything else I don't want to do. Time is the best gift I can give myself. Although I did slip in a new purse and nighty into the cart at Target over the weekend as a little birthday gift to me. And I made a bookmark for myself. I've been making them and giving them away for months. Figured I deserved one for myself. It's got a fun Asian fish charm on the end. Gotta go get my birthday girl, groove on. Have a good one!


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